Our business is built on an ethos of keeping our customers at the centre of everything that we do. Providing a seamless experience for each of our customers is the foundation of Croix.

What we do?

Innovation thrives in our business, and our team looks toward continual improvement. We take pride in what we do, and care about our customers. Unlike other providers in the market, we work and cooperate with our customers, knowing that understanding your needs and expectations aids us in better fulfilling them. Our main indicator of good performance is how satisfied our customers are – so if you don’t come away feeling content with the service and your products, we’ll immediately seek to amend and improve anything that didn’t hit the mark as efficiently as possible.

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Expertise is a core pillar of our process

Which is why our team of experienced professionals are detail orientated, and cooperate closely across the different stages to ensure great service. From browsing our website, to our product arriving at your door, we work tirelessly to achieve complete satisfaction.

There’s no cutting corners at Croix

By reaching our goal of providing eco-friendly solutions, we also endeavour towards standing out in the market by not compromising quality. Instead, we look towards offering affordable and sustainable paper products. We balance environmental awareness, convenience, and quality stock every single day.

Providing a seamless experience for each of our customers is the foundation of Croix.

The comprehensive range of paper products on offer are disposable, reliable, and first class. After being manufactured, each paper cup, plate, tissue, and other assortment of supplies have to pass quality checks to hit out standards. Beyond these quality checks, each product has to satisfy our eco friendly infrastructure for our goal of sustainability. Our team only facilitates products that hit the exceptional mark. Following this, each product is safely packaged and stored, ensuring that they arrive in the same exceptional condition.



Jennie Cooper

Co-Founder & COO

Eduardo Black

Executive Chef

Andrew Jeesper

Assistant Chef

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